Friday, October 25, 2013

The Advantages of Single Story Homes


Affordability and single-story design make the ranch style home one of the most prolific residential home designs in America, but today's ranch house plans are anything but simple and plain. The latest designs come in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs, budget, and lifestyle. You can expect to discover flexible rooms, open kitchen, living, and dining areas, extended outdoor living spaces, tons of amenities, and simple, yet elegant exterior features to reflect various architectural styles.

One-story homes offer more flexibility in the design of the interiors than multi-level homes, because a combined space can serve multiple functions. One-story living spaces allow for an interior design that has vaulted ceilings, dramatic windows, and the use of skylights to add a spacious feel. They almost always have an open living space that combines the dining room, living room, and kitchen to create a comfortable and cozy place for families to gather. One-story houses are also generally more efficient to heat and cool, saving you money and making you more comfortable year-round. Circulation in a one-story home is more fluid, because all the rooms flow into each other.

One-story homes also do not require regular physical taxing use of steps and stairways, granting access to the entire home for those with limited mobility. Additionally, thoughtful layouts make households easier to maintain. For example, bedrooms are located close to the laundry facilities, greatly minimizing the work and time of transporting laundry loads to and fro. Kitchens are also located nearer to the bedrooms than other general spaces with immediate access to the garage.


Ultimately, a one-story house is more convenient. With a two-story house, you inevitably want what’s on the other floor. Having a one-story house makes it easier to keep an eye on children, and noise is less of a problem when there’s no one overhead. If you need make changes down the road, having an open, flexible floor plan will make that an easy and affordable remodel.


It is undeniable that many homeowners building their new dream home are looking for a long-term place to settle, and what good is space if it becomes too difficult to access? Many people are looking to the future, building dream homes in which they can live for the remainder of their lives. These people want enough space they can access independently.  Typically no one puts in the time and effort to build a home they will only occupy for a short period of time. Keeping this in mind, it's important to consider that there is a trend forming in dream home construction – the one-story home is gaining rapid popularity not just for baby boomers, but for all generations.


There are a great many things to consider when building; however, builder Jenny Blalock's specialty is helping to take the stress out of the process and making your dream home a reality. At Luxe Homes & Design, they style your home around your life. They work closely with you to decide which floor plan is right for you, your family, and your lifestyle. They help you discover what design will work best to create the home of your dreams. Jenny is there with you during each step of the process to help refine your options that meet your budget. 


A home is an investment in your future. You want it to fit your lifestyle today as well as 20 years from now. A one-story house plan will gracefully age with you. Contact Luxe Homes and Design for a no cost, no obligation consultation on your dream home today!

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